• Greenhouse
    We have set up a greenhouse on 3 decares, in Saricam for early farming of crops. The height of below gutter is 3 metres and the purlin used from UV+IR+LD+Eva nylon, durable for 36 months. Drip irrigation…
  • Fruit and Vegetable Drying Plant
    We have a drying plant for seasonal fruits and vegetables. We are able dry any kind of fruit or vegetable. 
  • Mushroom Workshop
    Meryem Women’s Cooperative grows cultivated mushrooms. When people think of mushrooms they are usually talking about the cap and stem appearing over the soil. However mushrooms have a network of mycelium…
  • Open-Field Farming
    Meryem Women’s Cooperative has started open-field farming in October 2020. Our 58 decares of field is located in Saricam district in Adana. We are cultivating seasonal vegetables such as, white and red…

Meryem Women Cooperative as an Example of Social and Solidarity Economy

Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), with the definition of the International Labor Organization (ILO); It supports businesses and organizations that have both economic and social goals and the ability to produce goods, services and knowledge while promoting solidarity. It is the concept that determines especially cooperatives, mutually beneficial associations, communities, foundations and social enterprises. SSE aims at sustainable development with its value driven and human-centered approaches.

Meryem Women Enterprise Production and Operation Cooperative cooperates with public and humanitarian organizations in line with its vision, mission and values compatible with SSE. The Cooperative primarily provides employment for women and asylum seekers by carrying out sustainable projects that balance economic growth and social justice. It tries to improve living conditions for disadvantaged groups.

Kadem Doğan